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Iggy’s latest studio effort, “Survive the Summer”, is now available and it is simply amazing! She is back with flows for days, and beats to make your head nod. Don’t believe us? Listen below!

Published by Admin Published on October 12, 2014

Hey guys, we want to inform you that we’ve become known official release date of the single. Iggy Azalea will perform and release «Beg For It» at SNL on October 25th, 2014! ​This means that ​we’ve to wait less than two weeks! ​We’re already excited about that, do you? Leave your comments under this post!

Published by Admin Published on October 11, 2014

Just days ago we learned that Iggy announces first single of her new upcomming album “The New Classic: Reclassified” – “Beg for It (ft. MØ)”. We offer you to view a list of already known singles:

1. Beg for it (ft. MØ)
2. Can I Say (ft. Ellie Goulding)
3. Cheeks
5. ?
6. ?

Also she presented a cover of new album on the medium quality:

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