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Iggy was spotted out last night at the FNxCardiB Launch Party. The party was held to launch the latest line by Cardi Bl She looked stunning, as usual. There was a little altercation with the Catch Me Outside/Dr. Phil girl, but Iggy treated the child like a child, watched the tantrum, and moved on with her night. From what Iggy said, she really enjoyed her night.

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Iggy’s latest studio effort, “Survive the Summer”, is now available and it is simply amazing! She is back with flows for days, and beats to make your head nod. Don’t believe us? Listen below!

Published by Admin Published on July 6, 2018

Iggy is back on the scene with her latest track, “Kream“. The song features Tyga. It’s the first single from her upcoming EP, “Surviving The Summer“, which is also available for preorder. Along with the preorder, you are going to get another track, “Tokyo Snow Trip“.

Stream Below:

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It’s been four years since the Australian rapper topped the charts with her song “Fancy.” Since then, her career has stalled: She’s canceled a world tour, scrapped an entire album, and undergone an acrimonious public breakup. But most of all, she’s refused to reckon with her place as a white woman making hip-hop. So how does she explain herself?

Iggy Azalea is lost. Running behind schedule, the Australian rapper drove straight past the photoshoot off Sunset Boulevard and now has to re-route. She pulls into the lot in her black Rolls Royce. She’s alone. She climbs out of the car and walks straight through the studio. Her face looks beige and lifeless. Her eyes are truly, visibly sad. Not Bambi eyes sad, either: sad like the eyes of someone who is fed up. Too fed up to cry. She drags her feet along the floor in Balenciaga sliders. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.

Re-positioning is hard for Iggy in 2018. Her career is not what it was. In 2014, she was the most successful female rapper to emerge since Nicki Minaj. Her debut album The New Classic (released on Def Jam) was nominated for four Grammys and enjoyed a hat-trick of hits: “Fancy” (featuring Charli XCX), “Black Widow” (with Rita Ora) and “Work.” She duetted with Ariana Grande on the pop star’s hit “Problem” and became the first act since the Beatles to hold both the Number 1 and 2 positions for debut entries on the Billboard 100. (Let’s note though, that’s not because they were good hip-hop records. They were accessible hip-hop records featuring mimicable Southern-aping rhymes and trap-lite production; dumb popular in the way that Kygo or Marshmello or G-Eazy are currently.) She was the protege of TI. He’s since distanced himself. Many have distanced themselves. Way back when, Iggy Azalea was selling more hip-hop records than Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West and Jay Z. “Mm-hmm,” she nods. You wonder if it’s maybe a surprise that people don’t—

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Iggy stepped out this weekend to Coachella, and looked like she was really enjoying herself! She was spotted at the music festival, most of the time she was with her new rumored boo, Tyga. Could this be real? Only time will tell!

She took to twitter, to express that she witnessed the same thing the rest of the world did…..BEYONCE!

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